Measure and Scale Apple Search Ads Effectively

Qonversion collects Apple Search Ads attribution data independently of IDFA and SKAdNetowork and measures your return on ad spend (ROAS) accurately. See exactly wich keyword, ad group, and campaign performs better.

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Get a 360° view of your Apple Search Campaigns
Get the single source of truth for your Apple Search Ads metrics. Impressions, Taps, Installs, User Conversions, Subscription Renewals, Revenue, Spend, ROAS and others –– you can find everything you’ll ever need in Qonversion.
See your ROAS data directly on your dashboard
Qonversion calculates ROAS at campaign and keyword level. Get full transparency with your Apple Search Ads to power your revenue growth.
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Dive into the most granular keyword level analytics
Unlock access to granular Apple Search Ads data. Take your analysis down to keyword level and see exactly how much revenue you earn from each keyword. Export lists of high-performers, and scale and optimize campaigns quickly.
Customize reports
with drag and drop
The Qonversion Apple Search Ads dashboard is easy to customize. You can select the metrics that are important to you and arrange them in a fully-customizable order. Plus, you can always export your data with just a couple of clicks.
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Low-code solution.
Quick and easy integration

Only two lines of code are needed to get the most accurate analytics for your Apple Search Ads out there.

Qonversion works independently of IDFA and SKAdnetwork.

Qonversion.launch(withKey: "projectKey")

[Qonversion launchWithKey:@"projectKey"];
[Qonversion setAppleSearchAdsAttributionEnabled:YES];

Qonversion.launch('projectKey', isObserveMode: false);

Qonversion.Launch("projectKey", false);


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“Qonversion allows us to see accurate subscription statistics and trends over time, visualised in an aesthetically appealing manner on an interactive dashboard. This means we know how we're doing, and what effect our changes are having on the business.”

“Qonversion is an excellent server that perfectly complements our in-app subscription analytics system. Thanks to Qonversion, we managed to improve our financial metrics quite quickly. It also has some very useful integrations, which we use to optimize the marketing of our apps, such as Facebook and AppsFlyer.”

“Thanks to Qonversion, I was able to move my first app over to subscriptions with minimal fuss and can see at a glance exactly how the app is performing in real-time on the dashboard.”

“Qonversion took away the hassle of implementing my own-server receipt validation mechanism which would have taken me months to perfect in terms of edge cases. Now I can sit back and focus more on my app, where my users are awaiting new features!”

“Qonversion is invaluable — previously we could not get the analytics we needed in Firebase or Mixpanel as they do not verify app store receipts. The subscription analytics provided are very high quality and granular — as well as being presented clearly and concisely with interactive visualisation dashboards to plot KPIs over time. This has enabled us to better understand our business and inform our decision making.”

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monthly active users
managing revenue
data served per month
More features
Subscription management
Grow your subscription revenue across different platforms.
Empower your decisions
Send revenue events to Appsflyer, Adjust, Amplitude, Firebase and other intergrations.
Unite your revenue analytics
Get insights on your iOS, Android and Stripe revenue in one place with next to no code.
Get your lapsed customers back
Engage subscribers or recover churned customers by turning on automated push notifications.