Branch integration to grow your mobile subscription business.

This integration sends the mobile subscription data like trial-to-paying-user conversion, subscription renewal, cancellation, refund, and others directly into your Branch account. Empower your mobile app marketing with precise, timely, and complete subscription data.
Branch integration to grow your mobile subscription business
Access Quality Data

Make data your tremendous competitive advantage. Accurate and consistent data - the core of your technology stack.

Actionable in-app purchases data into your Braze account
Easy to set up
It takes a few minutes to add Branch integration. See the documentation here.
Actionable data
See how your users convert from a trial to active subscribers and understand the actual return on advertising spend (ROAS), including renewals and refunds.
Track performance by cohort
Renewal data allows you to track how each cohort of your users performs over time.

How it works?

Qonversion sends subscription events to the integrated partners

Trial Started
Trial Converted
Billing Retry
Qonversion sends subscription events to the integrated partners
This allows you to power your marketing and attribution platforms, as well as product analytics and retention tools, with accurate in-app subscription data.
Validate user receipts directly without your own server
Qonversion validates user receipts directly with app stores and tracks in-app revenue even if a user doesn't open your app. This allows you to have accurate subscription data for each subscription plan with 100% accuracy.

More features

Build and manage in-app purchases and subscription product in one place
Qonversion mobile subscription analytics-photo-1x
Self-serve revenue and subscription analytics to help you better convert and retain users
Uplift your app’s revenue by sending a push notification with a special offer to churned subscribers
Cross platform subscription platform

Let Qonversion manage your subscription infrastructure!