Apple Fiscal Calendar 2023

So, it’s that time of the year again when Apple starts their fiscal year. It is essential for an owner of a mobile app that works on Apple devices to know how to track the revenue and when you’ll be paid your App Store earnings. In this article we explained the main logic behind Apple’s financial calendar and here is a quick recap of how do the fiscal year works: 

  • Apple’s fiscal calendar year is 364 days and it’s is 364 days and it’s divided into four fiscal quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4)
  • Each fiscal year quarter starts with a 35-day fiscal month (5 fiscal weeks) and is then followed by two 28-day fiscal months (4 weeks each) 
  • The first day of the fiscal year is the last Sunday of September
  • The first day of the week is Sunday (the same as the US calendar) 
  • Apple will release the 2023 Apple payment calendar in September of 2022 

We’ve prepared the preliminary Apple fiscal calendar 2023 for you below. Please note that the actual dates may vary as Apple has not yet published the official payout dates.

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